Although EOS has zero fees EOS blockchain still has some requirements. Your EOS account has three parameters: RAM, CPU, and NET. Each of them has limited resources and sometimes you will have to fulfill them.

For every transaction you spend some RAM and CPU resources. And at this step you need to know about EOS staking. EOS blockchain allows you to stake resources (RAM, CPU and NET).

Staking works like exchange. You have EOS on your account and you exchange EOS tokens for resources to be able to move your funds or use dApps.

What is RAM?

RAM is used to add new data to the blockchain. Every transaction will spend your RAM resource. 

What is CPU?

CPU refers to the processing power your account have in the EOS blockchain. If EOSIO is overloaded with transactions you will need extra CPU to move your funds. If you lack of CPU you may use CPU emergency.

How to get resources?

In the most cases you will have to fulfill them in a while. To do so we recommend you to setup Scatter (as a web-extension or desktop app). Then to use Scatter identity and manage your resources on the EOSToolkit webpage.