You can easily buy crypto in built-in exchange provided by Simplex. Exchange consists of the 3 simple steps.

1. Make request

Choose the amount you'd like to receive. 

Note: Minimum amount for exchange is 50USD, maximum daily amount is 20,000USD.

Once you click "Continue" the next tab will be opened and you will be guided by Simplex API. All data are fully secured and protected by Simplex. Read more

2. a) Fill your billing info

Insert data required by Simplex. You can get acquainted with the full list of info required to complete an exchange here.

Billing info is provided to make operations with banks all over the globe. No worries. Your data are strongly protected. Read Simplex Privacy Policy here.

  b) Let's proceed to the payment!

Insert your card data. On this step your bank will hold stated amount to check if you have enough funds to complete the exchange.

  c) Get verified. This is a standard requirement by EU GDPR.

Thus is needed to ensure you are true card holder. You need to pass the verification only once. Next time you this process will be skipped. 

5. Receive crypto

Crypto will be delivered on your address in Atomic Wallet.

At the latest test all steps were completed less than in 25 minutes. ( 5-7 minutes for verification. and 15 minutes till the crypto was received on the wallet).
Usually the process is completed in 24 hours, in case of the overloading - 48 hours. 

If you still have questions, you can write to our support center: