To activate EOS account in Atomic Wallet, you need to pay 1.5 EOS. It’s average price on the market.
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Is RAM included into this price?

Yes, RAM is included into the price.

How to activate EOS account?

We have built-in EOS activation in Atomic Wallet.
Follow these simple steps:

  1. Finds EOS in Atomic Wallet, Click “Create Account”.

  2. Create account name or generate it.

  3. Copy provided address and memo id.

  4. Send 1.5 EOS + fee to the address. RAM included in the price. 
  5. Once it's activated you can move other EOS to the address. In the other case it will be automatically converted into RAM.

Note: If you want to send large amount, we recommend you to do it partly. Once - send 1.5-2 EOS to activate account. 

Once your address is activated — you can send any amount on your EOS account.
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