I can't exchange ERC20 tokens, what should I do?
First of all, check if you have enough ETH in your Atomic Wallet to pay a fee for the transaction.

Why do I need ETH to pay fees?
ERC20 tokens running on smart contract technology. They cannot be converted into GAS - value, created to count how much computing powers were used to make your transaction. ETH is converted into GAS automatically and will be paid for miners for their work. Once your transaction is confirmed, it will be added to the block and finally get into the blockchain.

I have issues with other assets, what should I do?

If you made a successful transaction but in the balance field you see zero or dash ("—"). Try to reopen the wallet. And check if you can connect to these websites. These services provide us with information on your balances and transaction history:

ZCASH - https://zcash.blockexplorer.com
TRON - https://api.tronscan.org
QTUM - https://explorer.qtum.org
LTC - https://insight.litecore.io
ETH - http://api.ethplorer.io
ETH - http://api.etherscan.io
DGB - https://explorer-2.us.digibyteservers.io
DASH - https://insight.dash.siampm.com
BTC - https://insight.bitpay.com
BCH - https://blockdozer.com

I see error messages in "Exchange", why?
If you received any unexpected errors in the Instant Exchange/Fixed Rate exchange, please contact us:

support@atomicwallet.io .

Make screenshots with your issue depicted. Attach an errors.log file and send your wallet's address if necessary.

If you make a transaction and it hasn't appeared in the history/balance after several hours, please contact our support center at support@atomicwallet.io 

In the meantime, check out our Monero Wallet