If you see a dash in the XMR balance ("—"), there is a problem with connection to the blockexplorer. Your funds are in blockchain, but they're not reflected in the Atomic Wallet interface.

Why does it happen?

Ih happens due to the unstable connection to the Monero node. We suggest you to follow our telegram news channel where we make posts about any updates, heads-ups in Atomic Wallet and other important information: https://t.me/atomicwallet

We keep working on the solution that will provide the stable connection to nodes.  

How do Iexchange XMR to another crypto via Changelly/Shapeshift, if the connection is lost?

Contact our support team. We will check your transaction status and provide you with the solution: support@atomicwallet.io

What if I need to withdraw my funds right now?
If you want to withdraw Monero, you can export your XMR private keys:
1. Go to "Settings" -> "Private Keys".

2. Insert your password.

3. Copy Monero private key. (The first line is a private view key, the second line is a private spend key).
4. Paste them in other Monero wallet that can handle private keys. For example you can use MyMonero.

Note: To see your transaction history and view your balance in this service you need to pay 0.1 XMR.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us by our support center: support@atomicwallet.io

In the meantime, check out our Cardano Wallet.