Why should I pay 20 XRP?

You pay 20 XRP for address activation. It’s the Ripple blockchain rule, not Atomic Wallet's. 

Your address will be automatically registered in the Ripple blockchain to enable you to find it in any XRP blockexplorer. 


Weird. Other services don't require 20 XRP 

Exchange services provide one paid address to many accounts. These users do not have their own unique address but have only their own Destination Tag which assigns their accounts to that wallet. Hence, there are two options: a unique and secure wallet address that requires 20 XRP as an unspendable deposit or one public wallet address for all users that requires destination tags.


Why Atomic Wallet do not provide such function?

We do not provide destination tags for security reasons, because implementing one public address for many accounts requires storing your data. Instead, your XRP address is generated from your own unique backup phrase, in a safe, custody-free manner.

What is Destination Tag?

Destination Tag is your personal identification. It is used to define a certain transaction and assign it to a certain account recipient.


What Destination Tag is used for?

Destination Tag is utilized for one public address used by multiple users. In exchanges, every Ripple account has the same address but they can be identified by their Destination Tag.

When you move funds to a certain address you need to identify somehow that your funds will be transferred to the certain recipient. 

In this case, the Destination Tag is required.


When I want to move funds from exchange to Atomic Wallet do I need a destination tag?

The answer is NO

When you create a wallet, the seed generates a unique address which doesn't require a destination tag.

Just move your funds to address and don’t forget about unspendable balance - 20 XRP.


What should I do if Exchange is asking for Destination tag?

When an exchange is asking to insert Destination Tag when you move funds to Atomic Wallet, follow these steps:

1) Insert your Atomic Wallet XRP address.

2) In the Destination Tag field - paste 9-10 random numbers in that field. You will receive XRP on your address.


What should I do if an exchange does not allow me to send funds to unregistered address?

Most exchanges allow such operations but there may be some exceptions.

In that case, you can:

1) Move other assets to Atomic Wallet and then use a built-in exchange to receive XRP.

2) Use another exchange service. 

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