Atomic Wallet is a convenient platform that supports multi-blockchain cryptocurrency management working only with node's, blockexplorers and APIs provided by certificated services. This holds true for all the wallets we offer, including the XMR wallet

Mnemonic Seed:

When you create a wallet the mnemonic seed is being randomly generated on your device.

 Mnemonic seed or seed phrase is a 12-word combination that allows you to gain access to your private keys.

How it works?

All your private keys and addresses created from this word combination and they are hardly possible to decipher.  Once your addresses and private keys created, you can use them. Some of the assets have their own requirements, like Ripple, Stellar and TRON due to their blockchain rules.


When you use Exchange options you're working with services provided by ShapeShift and Changelly. We add their APIs in our wallet and all actions are being operated by providers. Your balances and history of transactions are governed by blockexplorers. That's why the stable internet connection is required. If some of the blockexplorers are blocked in your country or your IP was banned by CloudFlare you may have some issues with connection to them and balances will be reflected in Atomic Wallet incorrectly showing that sign: (—).  In these cases try to use VPN.

Note: All your transactions are going through the blockchain and Atomic Wallet operates in custody-free and decentralized manner. You are dealing only with blockchains and official nodes.

Atomic Swaps:

Atomic Wallet supports cross-blockchain swap function. For now only three pairs available. We will release Atomic Swap implementation for many new assets in the future.

Atomic Swaps is a technology based on smart contracts that make it possible to exchange one cryptocurrency to another without the need of third-parties. You can read more about Atomic Swaps here.

In Atomic Wallet we provide Market Order function. It's a list of active orders to make swaps. Initiator creates an order and states the amount of asset he/she wants to exchange, the amount that he/she will receive is stated automatically according to the latest market prices.


In "Settings" tab you can change your password, import private keys to Atomic Wallet or you can open all your Private keys to export them to other services.

Import works as a sweep. All your funds from your previous address are being sent to your Atomic Wallet addresses. It means that you will have one address of the asset instead of two.


Wallet tab provides you with the information about your asset's balances and you can also transfer your funds by "Send" option to the other addresses.

Information regarding balances received from the blockexplorers and your USD balance is calculated according to the latest information on the markets. It updates every 5 minutes.

So it looks like -> Token x costs $1. You have 100x tokens, then 100*x= $100.

Also by this tab you can add your custom ERC20 token that now is not supported in Atomic Wallet. All you need to do is just fill in token's contract address which you may find on the