About Security:

Atomic Wallet provides a serverless solution where all connection on the platform are running in an encrypted manner and through certificated APIs and nodes. Atomic Wallet does not require any registration and is a custody-free solution.

Your local data is secured with AES symmetric encryption algorithm and the data which is transferred via BitTorrent protocol or interacting with blockchains is secured with TLS asymmetric encryption.

Your keys stored only on your device and only you have control over them. That's why it is crucial to keep your back-up phrase in a secured place, where no other person would have access to it.

Why back-up phrase is so important?

First of all, it's the access key to all your private keys. Once it's stolen, there will be a high risk that you will lose a control over your funds. Please, pay attention to this point. DO NOT keep your back-up phrase in the notepad file on your desktop.
You can use some offline key storages which require a password for access to keys.

As an example, you can use a KeePass.
But remember, that this application also requires a master key. And in in the case of phishing an unauthorized person can also gain access to your storage.

The most secure way for now - is to write your back-up phrase on the sheet of paper and hold it in a secured place.

Choose your way

Remember — your safety is fully in your hands.

Feel free to use Atomic Wallet and we'd like to mention that we will never ask you to send us your private keys or your back-up phrase.

Manage your crypto assets in one convenient interface or make Swaps. Stay lite and anonymous with Atomic Wallet.

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