To import your private key in Atomic Wallet:

  1. Open Atomic Wallet and go to the Settings Tab.
  2. Click on "Import".
  3. Import your private key.

If you have problems importing your private keys, follow these instructions:

  1. Try to put 0x before your private key. For example, your private key is: T3aVCqh3nADKNGpPJ3aUNqw5oy75dxroGh7GeRB22sWMkdCAkY43.
  2. Put 0x before it: 0xT3aVCqh3nADKNGpPJ3aUNqw5oy75dxroGh7GeRB22sWMkdCAkY43

You cant import your private key if your balance is 0.

You should have enough funds to be able to pay for the network fee: 0.00075 ETH.

If you problem is is still not resolved, you can contact us via Telegram.

In the meantime, check out our Ethereum Wallet